We have been Northern Nevada’s longest running performance personal training facility who’s education and staff is the standard for the region. Providing the highest education to our clients in areas of injury prevention, strength and conditioning, overall personal wellness, and post-rehabilitation or return to play. So if you are looking to improve your game you need to check us out.

15 Years Strong

Team of Highly Skilled Trainers

Top of the Line Equipment

A Higher Standard

Yes, this is our tag line but it means everything.

First and foremost we hold ourselves to a higher standard. The highest educated staff in Northern Nevada. The most CSCS certified strength coaches outside of the university setting. And we yearly attend some of the best conferences around for our continuing education.

The staff then brings this knowledge base back to our clients to keep them playing at the highest level. We were at the forefront with some of the best equipment in town and now others are following.

We have a facility that is wide open and made for movement, every athlete must learn to move to improve their game. A constant check of quality in ourselves and our product.