Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

One of our first steps with new clients is to run through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to establish their baseline movement. There are 7 tests, each designed to give our trainers a measurement of how the athlete tends to move. This highlights where an athlete might be strong, or any weaknesses that we may want to work on (such as flexibility or balance). No way of moving is “good” or “bad,” but certain movements may be more prone to injury. Having this information allows our trainers to create a unique program that highlights an athlete’s strengths and works to improve their weaknesses.

Our biggest goal is to help you move better, whether it be to reach the next level in your athletic endeavor or to have a higher quality of life outside the gym.

The Rating System

Each of the 7 movement tests is ranked on a 0-3 scale. Our trainers will then have an overview of your movement in different areas, which allows them to cater workouts specifically to you.


Movement Cannot Be Performed

A rating of 0 indicates that the client cannot complete the movement due to limiting factors such as pain.


Insufficient Flexibility/Strength

A rating of 1 indicates that the client is able to perform the movement at a basic level, but may have insufficient flexibility or strength to move in a fluid manner.


Acceptable Movement(?)

A rating of 2 indicates that the client has acceptable movement. Improving the movement further ensures no injury will be caused.


Optimal Movement(?)

A rating of 3 is the highest rating possible. This indicates that the client can perform the movement safely and with minimal effort.