Athletic Development

Here at SSS we want every athlete to understand how to move better.  We start all of our athletes with a functional movement screen (FMS) to assess their movement quality. Then our team puts together a plan to optimize your young athlete’s progression in their athletic endeavors. We believe that movement is the foundation and key to unlocking better performance as an athlete. Performance can only begin once a solid base is established.  Performance is putting together all the physical attributes that make a good athlete stand out: Speed, agility, reaction, body awareness, ability to start and stop, change of direction.  SSS has the tools and the ability to teach your young athlete better than anyone in Northern Nevada.

If you would like Sierra Strength and Speed to help your athlete we offer both individual sessions and classes for the athlete depending on the time of year.  We like to put athletes of similar ages and abilities together so that they all get the most out of the class setting.  We feel that a 12-year-old and a 16-year-old athlete are extremely different and should not be working on similar aspects of training or similar levels of intensity.  We also offer team pre-season classes that can be scheduled on an individual team basis.  Please call for more information or to set up a small group class.


Movement is the foundation and key to unlocking better performance as an athlete.