In today’s round table discussion, Casey, Travis, and Rob go over their top 3 favorite exercises. While we obviously aren’t limited to just 3 exercises when training, picking a top 3 gives us a chance to talk about some common and important positions.


Casey’s top 3 exercises are the push-up, body squat, and a tie between a lunge or a plank. Squats are a common movement for athletes and non-athletes alike. Everyone is frequently in a seated position, so everyone can benefit from strengthening their squat.

Travis’ top 3 exercises are some sort of hip-hinge movement (a deadlift or bridge), horizontal pull, and a lunge. Combining these three exercises covers a variety of movements and gives you a solid starting foundation for training.

Rob’s top 3 exercises are the push-up, a pull movement (horizontal row or lat pulldown), and the lunge. Push-ups are great for building your core and incorporate the shoulders, which is a plus.

It’s important to point out that exercises are person-dependent. Everyone is at a different skill-level, so we always accommodate each person individually. These are just a few basic options that we enjoy, but it doesn’t paint the full picture in terms of an entire workout or program.