Programs Reno's Best Personal Training and Fitness Programs

adult, high school, and youth athletic development (YAD).  Our classes offered are anywhere from 4 – 12 individuals.  There are some that are offered on a continual basis and others that can be put together depending on your team and schedule.

Team Sports:
We have always worked with teams and this is one area that is gaining in popularity for us.  Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, and even Football.  Our teamwork can focus on several areas and can be changed or tweaked depending on the overall ability of athletes or a specific need, i.e.; speed, power, nutrition, ACL injury prevention.

Sport specific:
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer.  No matter what sport you play, we have the knowledge and people to train you for your athletic endeavor.  We have had incredible success with our athletes.

IP2 program:
Our unique IP2 – injury prevention and improved performance program not only establishes early preventative exercises and stretching that will allow the athlete to stay on the field but also sets them up for proper building blocks that allow that athlete to make improvements.  We offer shoulder injury prevention for baseball and volleyball, and our knee injury prevention program for soccer and basketball.

Nutritional education and weight loss programs:
Sierra Strength and Speed offers a registered dietitian on staff.
This gives us the ability to give our clients quality nutritional advice.
This is an area that is very confusing with all of the bad information and
mis-interpreted information. We will provide each client with the newest and most reliable information.

We have provided consulting outside of Sierra Strength and Speed on many levels.  We have worked with entire teams, state and city entities, corporate wellness and individual workplaces.  Whether your consulting needs are for a group staff wellness program, team injury prevention plan or equipment purchase and layout design – our team is well equipped to provide these services.

We Have Consulted For:
City of Sparks Police and Fire
University of South Carolina, Aiken
Specialty Health MCO, Wellness program
Berry/Hinckley Industries
SCOR Physical Therapy
Sparks S.W.A.T
Numerous softball and soccer teams

Corrective exercises: