Keys to Selecting a Performance Professional

1. Education– is not everything but a person with a strong
background will be able to help you in several areas and answer your

2 Experience– Several ways to look at this. But longevity in the profession
is key. I always tell people that just because someone rehabilitated their
ACL doesn┬╣t mean that they are qualified to help you rehabilitate yours.

3 Reputable certification– I would never fly with the person who took the
weekend course. I am not going to trust my body with the person who got
certified on the internet or over the weekend.

4 A person who really loves what they do– They spend time continuing to
learn about the field they love and this always benefits the client.

5 They are good with people- They have your best interest in mind.

6 They know their limits– I have always felt that the best people, no
matter what the profession, know when they are outside of their practice and
can refer you to the expert you may need.

7 They come highly recommended– Not only from word of mouth, but also from
their peers in the profession, and the medical community.

8. They put the clients┬╣ safety and well being as priority #1.

9. They lead by example and because of this they inspire you to work hard
and achieve your results.

10. Philosophy – Make sure your goals are the right fit with the trainers
expertise and background.

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