Keiser Performance for Basketball, with Video

Keiser performance equipment is a game changer. I have had the opportunity to work with Keiser performance for over 4 years at Sierra Strength & Speed. The ability to generate basketball specific training programs that use the pneumatic technology is a huge training advantage for athletes. Whether I am working with an NBA draft pick or a high school athlete, the response is the same: training with Keiser allows them to feel the power behind the movement.

Keiser Performance

An athlete often possesses great movement or great strength but are limited in the ability to merge the two together. With the instant feedback for the athlete, the trainer can help the athlete understand when they perform the movement properly, the overall power goes up and reinforces the timing and pattern of the drill. Power is a great tool, but for my athletes the constant resistance gives me the option to work acceleration and deceleration with dynamic movement patterns, go right into a stability exercise, finishing with another high demand strength exercise, replicating the demands that the athlete is very familiar with on the court.

Performance trainers want to have as many tools in the toolbox as possible to help clients’ achieve their goals.
Keiser allows me to bridge the creativity of the sport with the functionality behind the movement.

There are no limits on what I can do with this kind of POWER.

Mike Atkinson

Keiser Power Rack

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