Dynamic Warm-Up with Basketball

With winter approaching I recently had an early training session at 5am, so 10 minutes before i left I started my old SUV to warm up the engine and get the frost off the windshield. The car just responds so much better with a little warm up before we hit the road.  I look at this as a preventative measure and something that has definitely increased the life span of the car.  I ask athletes all the time are you a “BENZ” or a “Bicycle” warm the car up and be ready to perform.

– Author, Mike Atkinson

He didn't just walk on the court and do this

  • The Dynamic Warm up involves flexibility during sport-specific movements.
  • Dynamic stretching is similar to ballistic stretching in that it utilizes speed of movement, but dynamic stretching avoids bouncing and includes movements specific to a sport or movement pattern.
  • We add the Ball to create a sport specific element.

Athletes that have not mastered the fundamental movement patterns should start without the ball and incorporate as they work through progressions.

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