VO2 Testing, Reno NV, Physical Evaluation

We perform a full evaluation on every client that we work with and then decide the correct parameters and path each individual needs to progress in their endeavor. Some of the people that we see need to begin with our Injury prevention (IP) program to build the proper foundation of core activities prior to progressing. Once they have achieved a solid foundation, we can progress into the specialized skills of sport – speed, agility, acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements and power training for athletic development.

Sierra Strength and Speed has been performing sub max VO2 testing since 1998 and are getting excellent results with our athletes and clientele. A VO2 Max test is a metabolic exercise test used to determine the athletes/clients maximum oxygen (O2) uptake and utilization during a short bout of exercise activity. The maximum rate and volume of (O2) utilized is the ultimate measurable fitness test using gas exchange via closed environment. Anaerobic threshold is the point at which the body is no longer able to keep up with the intensity of the exercise and therefore the oxygen intake and utilization is lower than the amount carbon dioxide (CO2) being produced. Knowing this point establishes training heart rate parameters for true interval based energy system development.

After completion of the VO2 test the individual will know:

  • Body composition
  • VO2 score
  • Heart rate training zones
  • 1, and 2 minute recovery heart rates
  • Calories burned at heart rate intensities
  • How to train for desired improvements in their respective sport or activity.