Training for NV Pro Day at SSS.

3 Nevada Football Players Prepare for Pro Day at SSS.

Sierra Strength and Speed is honored to welcome Courtney Randall, Doyle Miller and Kevin Grimes for Pro Day preparation. Their program includes three days of power running and agility, combined with full-body strength training and two days of recovery. Each player is excelling tremendously as we are taking a non-traditional approach to their performance training. Our focus is to restore proper movement patterns that will improve their strength and speed as well as prevent common wear and tear. The result is that the players are feeling and performing better than ever.

Courtney Randall RB for NV

Doyle is quoted saying, “For the first time ever, I am finally feeling my hamstrings work when I run.” Courtney, Doyle and Kevin exemplify hard work and commitment. Their enthusiasm motivates and energizes the entire facility.

Doyle using his agility

With ProDay 4 weeks away,stay up to date with training on Twitter @sierrastrength

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